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Dr. Valerie Young

Mike Myers quipped that he’s still waiting for the “no-talent police” to come and arrest him. He’s hardly alone.

To bring added value to each community, the afternoon session of the Catalyst for Growth event included internationally renowned author/speaker and Impostor Syndrome expert Dr. Valerie Young. She led a workshop to give participants practical strategies for interrupting impostor syndrome and ending needless self-doubt so they can finally feel as bright and capable as they really are!

Young’s award-winning book, The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women: Why Capable People Suffer from the Impostor Syndrome and How to Thrive in Spite of It, has been featured in O Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Globe and Mail, Glamour and more. The May workshop was the first time Dr. Young presented her popular and life-changing workshop in BC.

Millions of people around the world from executives to PhDs secretly worry they’re not as smart or talented as other people ‘think’ they are. It’s called the impostor syndrome and it hurts both individuals – and the bottom line. – Dr. Valerie Young

About Dr. Valerie Young

Dr. Valerie Young is an internationally-known speaker, author, and leading expert on building confidence by overcoming the impostor syndrome.

Valerie’s career-related tips have been cited in The Wall Street Journal, USA Weekend magazine, Science, Psychology Today, Redbook, More, Woman’s Day, Men’s Health, NBCNews.com, The Chicago Tribune, Glamour (UK), The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Mail, The Irish Independent, the India and Italian editions of Grazia, and dozens of other publications around the world.

Dr. Young earned her doctoral degree from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Her research focused on understanding and eliminating the psychological barriers preventing women from embracing their full potential in school and in the workplace.

A former manager at a Fortune 200 company herself, Dr. Young has shared her highly relatable and practical advice with thousands of executives, professionals in United States, Canada, and Europe. She has spoken at 70 colleges and universities including Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Princeton, and MIT.