In May 2015 Women’s Enterprise Centre, in partnership with the WEB Alliance and the Premier’s Women’s Economic Council, hosted a tour across the province to provide dialogue, celebration and inspiration. The full-day events combined a working forum, a networking lunch and world-renowned speaker Dr. Valerie Young to bring together community voices for economic growth and equip business leaders across the province with the skills to step up and be more effective.

Based on the success of the BC Economic Forum, we are working to expand the movement to help strengthen our economies by engaging women and men to support more women leaders, entrepreneurs, and women in trades and emerging sectors.

In small, facilitated group discussions participants shared their ideas and voices to affect change and support economic growth through women in their region. Then they learned from award-winning author Dr. Valerie Young how to overcome the self-limiting mindset that is a common barrier to women’s leadership.

Feedback from these forums resulted in Regional Reports for each region, containing practical recommendations for government, business and individuals – to shape policy and create change.

Thank you to the women and men who recognized the power of supporting women and the potential for economic growth that lies in diversity.

View the Tour Summary to see the province-wide impact of these events.