Women’s Enterprise Centre is pleased to continue the work of the 2014 BC Economic Forum: Women as a Catalyst for Growth with this collaborative project.

The Catalyst for Growth project is guided by an experienced Steering Committee of senior women leaders from around the province. Co-chaired by Jill Earthy and Lois Nahirney, co-chairs of the BC Economic Forum, it includes several women who made significant contributions to its success.

The steering committee’s main objectives are to:

  • Ensure tie-in with the WCFEG Action Plan
  • Provide input on action plans which will help women in all regions of the province make progress on the three tracks
  • Help identify solutions that can be delivered in the remaining phases of the project
  • Designate the priorities for Phases 2 and 3 of the project

 Catalyst for Growth Project Steering Committee

Member Affiliation
Jill Earthy
Steering Committee Chair
Co-Chair, Web Alliance; Co-Chair, BC Economic Forum
Lois Nahirney
Steering Committee Vice-Chair
Co-Chair, BC Economic Forum; Premier’s Women’s Economic Council
Kristina De Araujo BC Economic Forum Track 1 (Women in Senior Leadership) Rep
Renee Wasylyk BC Economic Forum Track 2 (Women Entrepreneurs) Rep; Premier’s Women’s Economic Council
Michelle Pockey BC Economic Forum Track 3 (Women in Trades and Emerging Sectors) Rep
Shauna Harper (ex officio) Lead Facilitator & Champion of the Catalyst for Growth Project
Dawn McCooey Co-Chair, Web Alliance; Women’s Enterprise Centre
Laurel Douglas Women’s Enterprise Centre