What if leaders, influencers and others interested in economic growth came together to remove barriers and create opportunities to grow women’s impact on the BC economy?

This is the Catalyst for Growth project, which is providing opportunities for women, sponsors and partners to get involved in their regions to expand the focus and create real change all around BC.

Funded in part by Status of Women Canada, Catalyst for Growth: Women for the BC Economy is a project of Women’s Enterprise Centre in collaboration with the WEB Alliance and the Premier’s Women’s Economic Council as well as many other supporting organizations around the province. Together we seek to find solutions to increase the impact of women in the BC economy by:

The business case is clear and the opportunity is great. The World Economic Forum has identified women as the fastest-growing economic force in the world today.

The Catalyst for Growth project includes three phases:

  • Phase 1: May 2015 – Regional consultations and “Overcome the Impostor Syndrome” workshop in the Okanagan, Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland, Northwest and Northern BC
  • Phase 2: October 23, 2015 – BC Economic Forum: reporting of outcomes from regional dialogues and actions by government, organizations and individuals
  • Phase 3: 2016 – Distribution of the Catalyst for Growth Fund to help develop community solutions and resources to address the key recommendations raised in each area of BC

View the Progress Report to see the impact of the Catalyst for Growth project so far.